DL Larson
author of Memories TrailPromises to Keep
and newly released
Promises My Love
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About (Biography)

The place I grew up is not far from where I live today, a small town called Paw Paw, in north central Illinois.  I used to ride the bus to school, sit in the back with my knees pressed to the seat in front of me as we bounced down bumpy roads.  By the fifth grade my family moved to town.  My graduation class had 24 kids.  We rarely dated each other - it felt like dating your cousin.  In summer we ambled down the tracks to the tin bridge and inched our way across the cat walk under the train trestle and some fifty feet above the creek.  We went swimming at the local pond til some kid got sick and I never got to go back.  In winter we ice skated on the streets til we reached the sewer plant and skated on the smooth paths the city officials had cleared on the pond for us with their jeep-like snow plow.  Our greatest rivals were the Earlville Red Raiders, my husband's, as well as my kids almamater.

I've had several jobs besides writing.  Currently, you can find me at the Earl Township Public Library where I'm the children's librarian.  I have lots of fun running programs.  Our chess club is in its third year, as well as our kids book club.  The "Duck On In" preschool story time and Fantastic Fridays are for my younger friends.  Being a librarian helps to keep books in my hands and folks sharing their likes or dislikes on what they've read.  As a writer, I appreciate their honesty. 

As I've mentioned before, I have three children, all grown now, well, at least taller than I am.  They are my inspiration to keep trying, keep plodding along even when I don't want to.  They have been a joy to raise.  Even those bad days seem more humorous now than sad, and I thank the Almighty for that perspective.  I don't regret for a moment putting my children first and letting my writing stack up in my head as easily as the laundry mounted before the washer.  I've always known when the time was right - I'd become a published author. 

Another joy of mine is my grandchildren, two grandsons and twin granddaughters. Talk about joy in stereo - it doesn't get much better than that.  If I need a pick-me-up, I just walk across the road and hug a grandchild.

In our more nimble years, our family boated on the Illinois River nearly every weekend during summer and fall.  Now the boat sits in the shed unless one of our kids decides to go for a ride.  I do enjoy family time, eating and laughing with those who appreciate my quirky humor.  I garden, thanks to the help of my good friend Marge who ran a greenhouse flower shop for nearly twenty years.  I do flowers better than vegetables, but haven't given up yet.  I have dreams of huge pumpkins bigger than my grandkids.  

 Weekend get-aways are high on my To Do list.  I love meandering through little shops whether they be a soap shop or antique, then relaxing later to watch a sunset.  I also like to entertain in my home.  We Larsons seem to have a reason to party for nearly every occasion.  It's what makes my photo albums look as if they need to diet.

The family saga of Will and Elizabeth merely wait to become published.  I've written three generations of stories about this family.  I've explored the expansion of the west, family problems with gambling and abuse, plus the agony of the southern rebellion.  

Another series I hope to publish is in the science-fiction genre where the werewolf is the good guy and his soldiers work diligently to clean the universe of evil.  They are the most powerful creature the Lord has ever made, except on Earth they have a small problem, they are forgetful and have to rely on instinct to keep them on the right track.  Things don't always go how they planned.


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